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A new energy horizon

A new approach to the technical and financial optimization of existing solar installations, based on technological innovation.

Key figures

Our clients benefit from

+ 50%
in installed power (kWc)
+ 62%
in production (kWh)*
* Figures based on projects completed in 2023
Ingénieur feedgy sur le toit d'un batiment

Feedgy is

Our results:

+ 62%

in total production

- 10%

LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity)

+ 10

years in lifespan

Your activity

Agricultural operators

To establish a new, sustainable source of income for you, complementary to your agricultural activity.

By partnering with a professional to fully realize the potential of your land, thereby enhancing your energy assets.

Discover our solutions combining solar and agricultural performance

Test the eligibility of your plant for a repowering operation


Easily increase your installed capacity and optimize the profitability of your park

Entrust the brownfield to an expert so you can focus on your primary activity: the greenfield

Exploit the full potential of your installations with a sustainable approach

Test the eligibility of one of your sites for a repowering operation

Feedgy innovations are designed to help our customers control the energy they produce. Our two main areas of innovation are photonic physics, i.e. light processing, and artificial intelligence.

Photonics & optics

Processing the light spectrum for more solar production

Light spectrum processing for agrivoltaics

Produce at lower cost by increasing production per m2

Thanks to state-of-the-art materials and our photonic innovations.

You benefit from a turnkey project for a high-performance installation by upgrading your plant, with performance amplified beyond the initial characteristics. All this is made possible by state-of-the-art materials and photonic innovations.

Digital energy management

Reveal your fleet's untapped kilowatt-hours

Identify faults causing losses

Identify facilities eligible for Repowering

Decision-support tools specifically developed for optimized operation of solar PV plants. Our aim is to highlight new sources of performance through precise management.

The future energy market

Feedgy is a committed player, allocating our growth to financing new innovations and accelerating the energy transition to make solar energy ever more accessible and attractive.

Our achievements

Our partners