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Our values

Our values

What Binds Us


Being agents of change

The development of renewable energies is a major focus in the fight against climate change. The profitability of solar energy is our raison d'être.

With a proactive and committed approach, we translate our beliefs into concrete actions that have a lasting impact on the solar landscape. All our resources are dedicated to combating climate change. By allocating our growth to financing new innovations and accelerating the energy transition, we make solar energy increasingly accessible and attractive.


Having the courage to innovate

To achieve unprecedented goals, we must create products and services that have never been created before. In every aspect and at all scales, we strive for technical and digital performance, with excellence as our sole objective. At the forefront of the latest market innovations, we collaborate with institutional and scientific stakeholders to enrich our photovoltaic solutions.


Working in synergy

All stakeholders in the solar industry play a role in the energy transition. Developing partnerships will take us further, faster.

Leveraging our network and the solar industry to advance together, in a supportive environment, towards the realization of our common goal: reducing our impact on natural resources, from our teams to the global ecosystem.


Acting as a trusted partner

In an increasingly digitized world, trust and cohesion are necessary to build a solid legacy.

We accompany our clients in the long term, helping them achieve long-lasting performance and ecological commitment.

Our Sustainable Practices

Our Policy Regarding Equipment

As part of repowering, we replace solar panels. As active participants in the circular economy, we made the choice from our inception to contribute to the reuse of replaced equipment.

Several scenarios arise depending on the condition of the PV panel:

The panel's degradation is too severe for it to produce at a satisfactory level. Therefore, its components need to be recycled to prevent pollution and extend the life of materials for new use.

Feedgy collaborates with Soren, the eco-organization approved by the authorities for the recycling of photovoltaic panels in France. Soren actively participates in working groups aimed at improving reuse and recycling, as well as in R&D projects for innovation and eco-design by manufacturers.

More information on obligations and recycling can be found here.

Despite lower performance than its original level (and below current high-end equipment), a photovoltaic panel can still be used for several years if it does not pose an electrical risk. For example, the owner can use it for solar electricity self-consumption or entrust it to Feedgy to resell it in the second-hand market. Feedgy also makes regular donations to charitable organizations that use them in developing countries.

In line with its values and the principles of renewable energy, Feedgy minimizes waste related to repowering and contributes to a long-term and solidarity-based economy.

Our Internal Policy

Since our sustainable approach must also involve our internal actions, we have chosen to raise awareness among our employees and newcomers about our challenges through the "Climat Fresco" workshop. This workshop allows everyone to better understand the functioning, scale, and complexity of climate change issues.

In accordance with this approach, we have implemented several measures applied daily by the Feedgy teams with the aim of contributing, at our level, to the fight against climate change: