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A farmer

You want to install a photovoltaic power plant on your roof or upgrade an existing one? Thanks to the expertise of Feedgy Power’s teams, benefit from a turnkey project and maximize the profitability of your plant by producing more for longer.

A maintainer

Your client wants to increase the production of its plant? The Feedgy team is ready to support you in this new project by providing technical and legal expertise.

A manufacturer

You want to diversify your activities and reduce your carbon footprint with an environmental approach? Feedgy allows you to make the most of your buildings by installing new, high-performance power plants.

A real estate developer

You want to enhance and optimize your photovoltaic assets? Feedgy Analytics has developed real decision-making tools based on unique algorithms developed by Feedgy Labs. They will allow you to identify the sources of underperformance of your park and the solutions to remedy them.

An investor

You want to invest in a scale-up that has proven itself in a fast-growing market? Feedgy is looking for partners to accelerate its development and finance its projects…

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