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Agricultural operators

Agricultural operators

Optimizing surface areas

You have one or more solar production surfaces.

Farmers were among the first to heavily invest in solar energy production, but existing installations are deteriorating.

In a context where most solar panel manufacturers have disappeared since the installation of the first solar plants, leaving operators without warranties, a European study has shown that 63% of installations exhibit underperformance, with 25% experiencing significant underperformance. Your installation may be affected.

As a true partner, we do not take any stake in your solar facility, ensuring your independence and exclusivity regarding revenue from the resale of your electricity.

For more information and personalized advice, please contact a member of our team near you.

You have the land, and we have the expertise

Access to land is the next hurdle in solar development. In France, out of the 25 million hectares of agricultural land (SAU) in the country, 9 million are owned and cultivated by farmers (which accounts for 36%).

With this valuable resource of their lands, farmers are in the best position to become major players in the energy transition, thereby enhancing their energy assets. The first solar installation was the starting point. By renovating it, the investment is secured and becomes the cornerstone of an energy portfolio to develop.

However, since photovoltaics is not your primary activity, you need a partner who can complement your existing installer.

FEEDGY: The Farmers' First Partner

Feedgy supports farmers who have chosen photovoltaic solar energy for several years now.

Discover how to boost your income


The renovation and optimization of your existing installations to increase your income without losing your purchase rate.

New Installation

The installation of a new plant with a new purchase rate on the surface freed up by repowering to develop your energy assets.

Agri-PV Solutions

The addition of a new solar revenue stream to your agricultural production, in a logic of combined performance.

Feedgy has been optimizing the power plants of agricultural operators since 2015, to enable them to leverage and develop their energy assets, with an average of +62% total production increase on retrofits.

With just a few details, benefit from a free analysis of your power plant and check its eligibility for technical optimization.