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Frequently Asqued Questions

The term "repowering," also translated into French as "renouvellement d'une unité de production d'énergie," involves the total or partial replacement of old energy infrastructure with new, more powerful and/or efficient installations, resulting in an increase in energy production capacity.

By engaging Feedgy, you entrust your project to engineering experts as well as administrative and legal experts. Our specialized teams ensure the preservation of your current purchase tariff through simplified and controlled procedures with EDF OA. Therefore, we handle all administrative procedures and will be the sole point of contact with the relevant organizations.

No, unlike many solar companies, Feedgy allows you to remain the sole owner and beneficiary of your energy production. A detailed financial projection will be provided to you before any contract signing, serving as a reference for securing your bank financing. Feel free to reach out to our teams for further information about our administrative support.

Feedgy offers you the best solutions to enhance the performance of your solar park. While we believe that our advice should be separate from a financial obligation (and loss of control over your operation), we nonetheless provide you with all the tools to secure the financing needed for your project. We can assist you in your dealings with financial institutions.

Contact us for more information on financing your projects.

If the degradation of the panels is too significant, they will be entrusted to the recycling organization SOREN. If their performance has decreased but they do not pose an electrical risk, you can reuse them for self-consumption, or Feedgy will take care of reselling them in the second-hand market.