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Why Undertake Repowering as a Developer?

The challenge of land availability and the increasing constraints associated with the development of new photovoltaic plants (“Greenfield”) enhances the value of maximizing the use of already exploited surfaces (“Brownfield”) for three major reasons.

Graphique economies repowering Feedgy sur le temps

Thanks to Repowering, the acquisition cost per kWh is lower and the cycle is much faster.

Innovation at the Service of Profitability

Why entrust your Repowering project to Feedgy?

The factor of time is more critical than in greenfield projects.

As developers, your development goals for the existing parks by 2030 are very ambitious, and the pressure on available land makes the goal difficult to achieve.

In Repowering, time is precious. The purchase rate that acts as a lever for your reinvestment ends on a specific date. Each passing month represents a loss. Entrusting your project to a Repowering expert maximizes production. Moreover, the construction site is optimized to minimize disconnection time and maximize availability rate.

The AI algorithm connects to your park and identifies power plants eligible for repowering. Once the project is launched, the entire process is industrialized and digitalized to allow for rapid execution while ensuring quality

In greenfield projects, the return on investment might not be as expected. However, when applied to older purchase rates, these innovations provide a faster return on investment than with the technologies you usually use.

We use proprietary technologies that enable higher production. In greenfield projects, the return on investment might not meet expectations; however, when applied to older purchase rates, high-performance panels yield a faster return on investment than with the technologies you usually use. Feedgy primarily seeks Wh/m²

Optimization of Exploited Surfaces

Gain Visibility into the Actual State of Your Installations and Their Potential

Your priority is to ensure the profitability of the park. To do this, you must have a clear view of the health of each solar power plant and the costs associated with maintaining performance.

Your solar power plants are the heart of your investment: managing CAPEX and growing your assets over time are your daily concerns.

Therefore, you need visibility before starting costly work. However, there is no solution on the market to precisely and quickly calculate the cost of repowering.

For this reason, Feedgy offers a preliminary diagnosis to assess the interest of a technical renovation, both in terms of performance and financially.

Increase your production without the constraints of a new power plant

Maintaining the performance of a power plant is not always sufficient: when breakdowns occur or materials are deficient, repowering can be the solution.

As an electricity producer, numerous obstacles arise in the development of your park: legislative compliance, construction time, and control of financial indicators (OPEX, CAPEX, etc.). Thanks to the superior surface efficiency of panels, repowering is an additional way to increase the park's production.

Thanks to repowering, the acquisition cost per kWh is lower and faster.

As a true outsourced R&D, Feedgy renovates your installations with premium products and cutting-edge engineering techniques. With our expertise, your surface efficiency is maximized: on the same surface, you increase production by a minimum of 62%.

What's more, repowering is part of your CSR approach and contributes to the fight against global warming.

Thanks to the turnkey Feedgy solution, your solar installation is:


Increased production on the same land without the constraints of new construction (additional administrative procedures, asbestos removal, …)


Analysis and recommendations through our artificial intelligence for informed and quantified decision support


A tool used daily by the asset manager and their maintenance team


Extended lifespan with maximized performance level

More concretely,

After a feasibility study confirming the estimated performance gain by the e-score, Feedgy identifies anomalies and assesses all regulatory constraints that may interfere with the project.

This advantage is made possible by specific expertise and significant investment in innovation. Feedgy offers you its know-how and R&D to support you in your existing optimization projects.

Do you own or manage a PV production park and want to ensure the longevity of your assets? Discover how to unlock the full potential of your current park!

Entrusting it to Feedgy is simpler, faster, and more profitable!